a princess for my princess

this princess 300 typewriter is one of the first few typewriters  I acquired when I started this craze. I fell in love with the gorgeous decal first and thought of my daughter, K  immediately.  this is perfect my then 9-year old princess I thought.  yay, another excuse to get just one more typewriter.  🙂


she was initially writing, typing her daily journal with it for a while. later, it was just collecting dust in her room so I moved it into the  display cabinet.  out of touch, out of mind. the princess typewriter has been sitting there prettily, quietly, unused until today.

K is attending a birthday party and needed a birthday card.


this typewriter came to the rescue and we made a  personalized birthday card!


k typed this.


I have gotten a few more typewriters since my last post (which was not too long ago!). I will reveal them in the coming posts.

meanwhile, I am going cold turkey and will not be getting anymore typewriters, unless….well, there is always an exception.

warmest regards,


14 responses to “a princess for my princess

  • Jos Legrand

    Dear Karin. Your story reminds me of a typewriter friend of mine, Peter Muckermann, who collected Princess typewriters because of the same reason that you mention. Since then he tried to get the whole range of Princess typewriters, in which he succeeded very well.
    Muckermann has a little party now. He publicated typewriter journals for 25 years. On paper of course. Although I do not believe that he still has his collection of Princesses.

    With best regards from Maastricht,

    Jos Legrand.

    • karen

      dear jos, thank you for visiting.
      it’s hard not to fall in love with this typewriter’s gorgeous decal, so cleverly branded as princess. think many parents would associate it to their daughters.

      I tried googling for peter’s website but couldn’t find it. does he have one? would love to see images of his collection of princess typewriters. I hope to upgrade the one I have to a gold one for my princess….one day maybe? 🙂

      • jjlegrand@hetnet.nl

        Dear Karen. I don’t think that Peter Muckermann has a website. He one of the old ones like me. I believe he had a golden Princess in his collection and if not, he certainly will know who has. If you like I can send our little conversation to him.

        With kind regards,


      • karen

        hi jos.
        wohoo!!! yes! would appreciate it very much if you can help to forward our little conversation to peter.
        I can be contacted at karen_hoh@yahoo.com.

        you are too kind. have a great weekend! ~(*.^)~

    • Scott kernaghan

      Just a quick note: Still does have those Princess typewriters. He mentioned them in an email to me last week.

  • T. Munk

    Stay steadfast, sister! You can surely resist the siren call of new typers when you already have such nice ones (:

  • Richard P

    Great. These Princesses are excellent typewriters!

  • Tony Mindling

    Ha! I know all about the results of “going cold turkey”. It just increases the desire!

    • karen

      I have told myself a number of times I don’t need so many typewriters. usually ended up buying a few more in a short time after the cold turkey period. sigh…

  • inkleaves

    That Princess logo is attractive. If you would compare the typing feel to another portable typewriter, which one would it be similar to? Not that I am getting a Princess or anything…. no, really I’m not, haha!

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