what is this?

I have rehomed or sold typewriters to mostly young working adults except this once, I sold one to 3 young teens –  2 girls and a young man probably 13-14 years old.

they came to me and queried about a typewriter I was selling via local classifieds.  it’s heartwarming to hear that they chipped in money and buying it as a birthday gift to  a vintage loving friend. oh so sweet of them.

prior to this meeting, they had not seen and touch a real typewriter, and asked if I could do a short show and tell, ie.  how to operate the typewriter. of course I promptly, happily did. they were almost too scared to touch it with wows and ahs! i felt guilty taking their money. hmm… maybe it is time to think about how to spread some typewriter love to the young ones. any suggestions?


they bought this lovely woody brother typewriter that comes with special repeat spacer key.


one of them exclaimed  “oh! it has a case too?!” and didn’t mind at all when i told her the zipper is broken.


on another story, a family friend came to visit with  her 3 children, aged  6, 10 and 12 -year old. the 10-year old asked pointing at the display cabinet –


boy: what is that?

me: oh these are typewriters.

boy: huh??

me: your grandpa would have used this to type letters. they don’t have computers last time. wait, let me take out one and let you type…

hearing this, his sisters came and look at the typewriters too.


ah… what a wonderful feeling to be able to share and let the young ones feel and touch some old typewriters. I am certainly no expert but that didn’t stop me from giving them their first typewriter lesson albeit a very basic one.  :))

more happy stories coming. have a great weekend!



8 responses to “what is this?

  • Scott kernaghan

    Ha ha ha. I love it when kids get to play on my typewriters. They can be so much fun! So nice. Great little selection you have there.

    • karen

      Thank you Scott. Have been keeping most typers for eye therapy. I was too focus on getting them and lost the reason why I am getting them in the first place. Hope to be blogging more on usage and sharing typewriter love! 🙂

  • Richard P

    Wonderful stories.

    If there is a children’s tutoring center or a creative writing center, approach them. It could be a great opportunity to spread the love of typewriters — that’s what I’ve found here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    • karen

      Brilliant!! Why didnt i think of that. My sis runs a tuition centre for 7-year old onwards.! I will pass her an olympia sm7. Sturdy and should be able to handle those curious little hands. Thanks! 🙂

  • odile

    Hi Karen, I am looking for a old typewriter (that works) for my daughter 13 year old. Do you know where I can find it? Thank you. Odile

  • Sherlyn

    Hi Karen,

    Could I find out where you service your typewriters?

    • karen

      Hi sherlyn. Sorry for tgd terribly late reply. Here’s the add –
      1 Rochor Road, #02-598 
      Rochor Centre 
      Singapore 180001 
      Tel: 62986133, 62946133 
      Fax: 62926133, 62956133 
      Email: ace6133@singnet.com.sg 
      Operating hours:9.00am to 5.00pm (Mon -Fri)
      9.00am to 1.00pm (Sat)

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