What is the hype about this ‘f’ word?

no. the ‘f’ here is not that 4-letter word.

it refers to one of the rare typeface which is probably non existent in the ‘wild’ in this part of the world. it is the blackletter or more famously known as the fraktur font. in my quiet quest hunting for one, i even learnt a few german words by heart. i can now spell – alte schreibmaschine (old typewriter) in a heartbeat.  🙂


my other ‘techie’ half gave me that usual ‘look’ again when he saw the parcel. he doesnt understand why typewriters when one can type on tablets, smart phones, laptops, pc…. but he gave this a second look and a ‘hmmm..’ …. when he saw the type sample. yes, this is special. the typeface reminds me of calligraphy.


beautiful keys. it is always a bonus when they are clean and not stained.


i love the small letters but have a hard time reading the ott – over the top, ornate cap ones.


did you notice that the small letter ‘s’ looks like ‘f’? it is called the ‘long s’ and evolved from the old roman form.  this Wiki link explains.    interesting, but i have seen other fraktur typewriters with the normal ‘s’.


it didnt come with original ribbon spools and i dont want the look of normal plastic ones on this old beauty. i thought white or red painted spools would be an awesome accessories, and even toyed with the idea of putting hello kitty stickers. (hey, pls dont judge me! lol).


meanwhile, mosaic like spools will do the job. good things come to those who waited. oh yes. i have waited a long time to get one. this is destined to be mine and another, oops… sshhh…. 😉

vogue – checked
fraktur – checked

one more typeface to check… i will wait.

happy midweek!



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