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a royal’s script typeface


oops ! just realised last sentence missing ‘m’  – … wish list is growing faster than the rate i am striking it!

here she is  – big and beautiful.


love the case,  can double up as a luggage bag for a one night trip! 🙂

here is the  comparison with a compact tippa, safari – size L and tippa – size S.

she is quite bulky, more than double the height of tippa. certainly not for lugging around. 😦

it’s wednesday!! have a happy mid-week! 🙂

i have one too!



isnt this case gorgeous? nat, my first pleasant surprise, and i hope many more to come! 🙂


this typewriter was bought in 1967, i wasnt even born yet ! oh well, i am slighly younger only! >.<

20120926-220903.jpgminty green keys.


inside view of case.


here she is – my hermes with script typeface.


this came to me from denmark – it originated from sydney and now, after >40 years, it’s back to this part of the globe again, singapore! amazing!


cursive no 2 – handsome tippa

how can one reject a cursive typeface typewriter? i cant. so here is my no 2.


oops! hope it’s not too hard to read.

here is the plastic clip-on case.

just out of the box, padding still on key slugs.

i like how slim it is, at approx 2.5 inches tall.

cute heart-shaped keys.

serial numbers are under the carriage. this one is made in 1968. nice.


one script or cursive, please!

i am on a blogging marathon here, 3 posts consecutively in a night! i would love to do a typecast but think it may not be a good idea at midnight. i will update most post with corresponding typecast later. so come visit again! 🙂

i literally went bananas, mad, looking for the ‘CURSIVE’ one. i finally bought one from a collector who are letting this go most probably because she scored another one in better cosmetic condition. not that i mind.

meet olympia sf with cursive typeface. most collectors i came across here lovingly named their tappies but i just couldnt associate any of them with a name… hmm.. dont know why. i like to personalise it though. here, i pasted paper lace on the tappy.

the serial nos is under the carriage. this olympia is made in 1967.