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old-typers group photoshoot – 3 times a typewriter


meet my old-typers, a few already in their 80s or older but still so gorgeous!

introducing group 1 : 3 old-typers in 3 shades of red.






group 2 : meet 3- fold and 3- bank




meet the star of today’s photoshoot –  my very special remington 3b, she may not have the complete usual keys and the mambo jambo of other usual funtionalities but she is a limited edition! only 5706 was built during the depression era of 1939, for a brief period of 6 months. love!!

read more here – richard’s (the typewriter guru) account of this beauty.



‘3’ gets repeated many times here – a coincidence? 🙂

stay tuned for more of their stories and typecasts …

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karen 😉

beauty is in the eye of beholder






*my heart wept, i braved myself … a bit drama-mama here. lol.  in short, very UPSET!

some major injuries –

  • metal spool and ribbon out-of-place, not a good sign. it danced happily and scarred its body
  • a very deep cut in on the right
  • ribbon reverse button knocked into body
  • key ‘6’ badly bent
  • small scratches elsewhere, everywhere






her serial nos is P131243 which dates this machine to 1939-1940.

her key slugs are very sharp, cutting /punching the paper at times. why is that so? platen too hard? do you know?

cursive no 2 – handsome tippa

how can one reject a cursive typeface typewriter? i cant. so here is my no 2.


oops! hope it’s not too hard to read.

here is the plastic clip-on case.

just out of the box, padding still on key slugs.

i like how slim it is, at approx 2.5 inches tall.

cute heart-shaped keys.

serial numbers are under the carriage. this one is made in 1968. nice.


retrolicious orange

my first orange tappy! an olympia traveller de -luxe.

yes, my heart skipped a beat! never mind that  i couldnt roll the platen, never mind she was dirty, never mind her type guide was broken, i would rescue her, find a ‘doctor’ and get her fixed.

i did. after a professional tender loving care, repairing and servicing, here she is.

‘doctor’ said that those issues/problems mentioned earlier were small problems and could be fixed easily. he added olympia is a reliable brand and this typewriter is worth saving and keeping. sweet!

customising a typewriter to pink

i was pleased with the previous customised olivetti tropical and itching to start another similar project.

this 1970s? olivetti lettera 35 is sturdy to type in. unlike other earlier olivetti models , this  has a metal base so we can type on our lap – a laptap!

there are 2 schools of thoughts about changing the look of typewriters, one,  we should preserve the vintage quality of typewriters and should leave it as is, and the other, to revitalise that old piece of machine and breathe new life to it. my personal take is if it’s a common model, go ahead but not those rare and older models. can you imagine if someone paint an oliver or chicago in pink! gasp! let me know what you think? sorry,  i digress…

back to this olivetti lettera 35, he suffered a few areas of paint loss (it’s bigger than the rest of my collection, so it’s a he?),  a good candidate for customisation.

my 9-year old daughter typed her first letter to her aunt and grandpa using this machine.

seen a naked typewriter? body and shell taken apart.

here is the serial  nos.  beside the ribbon spool. hmm… i cant find this model in the typewriter database, but think it should be made around the 1970s.

after spending almost half a day of mini makeover – cleaning and painting, here he is in pink.  i think it is more a ‘she’ now…(oops!)

minty green hermes

i found her from a vintage shop. lovingly used, she has scuffs n paint loss. i agreed with other collectors that this tappy gives a buttery smooth type feel but somehow my fingers always get caught in between the keys.

it’s a coveted brand of typewriter and was considered the macbook air of that time. at around 5kg, not really portable to lug around nowadays.



my daughter’s  2-finger typing speed is amazing! faster than her mum’s touch typing (proud) 🙂

read where i took her – the kid and typewriter, for a type-out here.