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customising a typewriter to pink

i was pleased with the previous customised olivetti tropical and itching to start another similar project.

this 1970s? olivetti lettera 35 is sturdy to type in. unlike other earlier olivetti models , this  has a metal base so we can type on our lap – a laptap!

there are 2 schools of thoughts about changing the look of typewriters, one,  we should preserve the vintage quality of typewriters and should leave it as is, and the other, to revitalise that old piece of machine and breathe new life to it. my personal take is if it’s a common model, go ahead but not those rare and older models. can you imagine if someone paint an oliver or chicago in pink! gasp! let me know what you think? sorry,  i digress…

back to this olivetti lettera 35, he suffered a few areas of paint loss (it’s bigger than the rest of my collection, so it’s a he?),  a good candidate for customisation.

my 9-year old daughter typed her first letter to her aunt and grandpa using this machine.

seen a naked typewriter? body and shell taken apart.

here is the serial  nos.  beside the ribbon spool. hmm… i cant find this model in the typewriter database, but think it should be made around the 1970s.

after spending almost half a day of mini makeover – cleaning and painting, here he is in pink.  i think it is more a ‘she’ now…(oops!)

desktop big guy

this is a super-duper heavy machine!! prolly around 10kg?

I had wanted to meet the seller and collect this at a shopping mall thinking I could just carry it home. ayyy… the seller convinced me that it’s too heavy for me to hand carry even for a short 5 mins.

this big guy was from south africa! probably used by british in the colonial times. he was not in his best condition as all keys stuck and rusted as you can see from the pics below. (seller told me- oh just add oil and it will be working fine! Huh?!) I should have said no to him …

but look at it him now ( I don’t name the tappies but somehow always seem to know its gender ! Haha.. ). he’s been professionally cleaned and serviced.

look at that spaceship like ribbon holder! beautiful… 😉