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decoupage a typewriter?

at some point along my tappy collection craze i wanted a pink typewriter bad…dly.  however, the prices for PINK commands a premium, some an arm and leg! 😦

after viewing the lot of customised typewriters from flikr’s pimp my typewriter and kasbah mode i was inspired to customised one too!! i had a few ideas in mind. spray pink, paint hello kitty (kitties!) or decoupage? i love this one done by Cherryl.B.


after mulling about it for a few weeks, i finally decided on a hello kitty theme. I may be a ‘mature woman’ but hey, who doesnt love a cute cat that doesnt have a mouth because it speaks from the heart? ;P

told my hubby n good friend, J about my idea but both gave, as expected, discouraging comments. of course, they wouldnt understand because they are not fans of  hello kitty! 😛

i still want a pink theme and since i can’t find suitable hello kitty paper,  perhaps a pink travelling theme will look good?

here is how i did it –


what do you think? yay or nay?