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decoupage a typewriter?

at some point along my tappy collection craze i wanted a pink typewriter bad…dly.  however, the prices for PINK commands a premium, some an arm and leg! 😦

after viewing the lot of customised typewriters from flikr’s pimp my typewriter and kasbah mode i was inspired to customised one too!! i had a few ideas in mind. spray pink, paint hello kitty (kitties!) or decoupage? i love this one done by Cherryl.B.


after mulling about it for a few weeks, i finally decided on a hello kitty theme. I may be a ‘mature woman’ but hey, who doesnt love a cute cat that doesnt have a mouth because it speaks from the heart? ;P

told my hubby n good friend, J about my idea but both gave, as expected, discouraging comments. of course, they wouldnt understand because they are not fans of  hello kitty! 😛

i still want a pink theme and since i can’t find suitable hello kitty paper,  perhaps a pink travelling theme will look good?

here is how i did it –


what do you think? yay or nay?

i am a typospherian!

this was how my obsession with typewriters begun, my first love, a red oliveti dora.

i met up a seller to buy an old red suitcase but ended up buying another suitcase and this tappy. i was attracted to her colour and deal was almost immediately sealed after i typed a few random words on it ( didnt know what ‘ a quick brown dog jumps over the lazy dog’ was all about at that time).

she was originally in drabby grey colour, seller repainted it to red.

after her, there will be another 20++ that found their way to my home, or shall i say – i saw, i liked, i cannot resist, i bought ! (and there are still just a couple more under my wish list). 😛

why i craze for manual typewriters? read more here.

my typewriter obsession stories to be continued …