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triumph is fraktur number TWO

I should be so lucky…


my apologies, I should have used a plain paper instead of this with dots!¬† yes, this is my second fraktur typewriter! ūüôā


triumph¬†gabrielle 35 –¬†plain standard plastic body and keys but what do we have here? ¬†a set¬†of fraktur type slugs??!!!


to be honest, it was difficult for me to type on torpedo 15a. it has the ornate fraktur¬†letters printed on its glass keys. i¬†cant be sure of what I was typing. this one, no such problem! however, it is still a challenge to type¬†the standard letter ‘s’ which is on the bottom right (1st row) of the¬†keys. the long ‘s’¬†¬†is at the ‘asdf’ keys.


not sure if this is the typewriter, or type slugs serial number. do you know? I tried looking for other serial number on the typewriter’s body but found none.


I have acquired a few more typewriters after my self proclaimed going cold turkey, no more typewriters, sigh…

I am starting to think that ¬†I¬†¬†focused too much on getting¬†THAT ONE, and more¬†typewriters that I forgotten the reasons¬†why I wanted them in the first place. ¬†most of the times the typewriters are just sitting prettily in the display cabinets.¬†I have typed less than 10 letters, procrastinated cleaning the¬†dirty ones, few¬†art and crafts projects and that’s about it. surely I can do better!

first thing first, I have decided to place one typewriter¬†at my sister’s tuition center for the kids to play with (thank you Richard for the suggestion). kids should know¬†what is a typewriter and how one looks like.

twin tippa has a techno typeface!

after the last post of shipping woes, it’s time for a happy tappy story!


the ‘b’ was super sticky and stubborn !


dirty and grimy…see the evidence.





meet the other twin, same but different – tippa with script typeface. ūüôā


i am starting to hoard letter pads too!



thank you for visiting. have a great week ahead!


karen ūüôā

cursive no 2 – handsome tippa

how can one reject a cursive typeface typewriter? i cant. so here is my no 2.


oops! hope it’s not too hard to read.

here is the plastic clip-on case.

just out of the box, padding still on key slugs.

i like how slim it is, at approx 2.5 inches tall.

cute heart-shaped keys.

serial numbers are under the carriage. this one is made in 1968. nice.