madonna sings – strike a pose!

Strike a pose
Vogue, vogue, vogue
Vogue, vogue, vogue

the art deco typeface so coveted by some typospherians, me included.

i finally found one after 1.5 years of tirelessly looking and asking royal p sellers after sellers to provide typecast. i anticipated for its safe arrival and reminded the seller again and again, and again to pack it well and even sent her a link on how to pack a typewriter.

yet i still have to mutter the 2 dreaded words – OH NO!!!!…..when i opened the box.


this was how the seller packed. double boxed but no padding. (unless she meant those bits of newspaper as padding. duh!)
oh man!


Inside it’s stuffed with some bubble wraps. here she is.


the type slugs are dirty and clogged with ink. everything else operated and looked fine. she survived the treacherous trip. hurray!.. phew!



i typed this and made my son signed it. haha.. (he loves the internet games too much, forgot he has to study and that there is another world outside the computer). One more reason parents should have a typewriter at home? this contract cannot be edited or deleted. It is permanent and can be filed and retrieved anytime.  the ‘i’ key was very sticky at first. now, less sticky with every depress.

i thought this typeface is found only in royal p second model until recently. life in a typewriter blogged about one vogue typeface royal p first model here.

now i want another with a maroon or red or blue or yellow body!

thank you so much for dropping by and sharing my happiness (my family didnt understand why i was grinning from ear to ear).
if this vogue is the coveted ‘v’ typeface, there is another rarer one.  the ‘f’ typeface. do you know what is that word?

i hope i can share with you ‘that’ happy story soon.


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