8 months in 1 post!

it has been that long… my last post was in jan2013!

forty typewriters (tw) have found their way to my home (or i found them?) to-date. i am still downsizing the lot, keeping only those ‘die-die’ (singapore english – even if one has to die in the process; certainly, definitely; haha) must keep and those for visual feast, ‘eye therapeutic’ ones.

although i have re-homed quite a few tws, the looking and buying never stopped. is the buying ever going to stop? i dont know, perhaps not now because i still have a few ‘die-die’ must have in my list. :+)

this post is going to be a brief recap of my favourite tw related events and buys, kind of a quick show and tell post-


I joined a small group type-in at the park some moons ago. i think the typewriters ‘fever’ in singapore has cooled down a bit or is it just me?


I had so much fun meeting nat from natslaptaps and yes, i typed on that gorgeous maroon torpedo. i’ve seen other colours up for sale but never a maroon one.


this is the super flat rooy i mentioned in the previous post. what surprised me was how this tw ‘unfold’ from its case, like a transformer. macbook air of those days, super- no, it’s an ultra thin typewriter. only 4cm tall, 4kg heavy, not as light as i thought because of its metal case and body. oz.typewriter has written a detail post about rooy here and here.


open the case and slide up the tw and it’s transformed!

i wanted a burgundy olympia but bought a brown one. who cares about its colour when one has an italic typeface, right? anyway, it will look burgundy in dim yellow lighting. ;P



as you can see from the above typecast, this typer is in need of some tlc and servicing. its space bar is sticky too. 😦

another maroon joined my tw family – a corona 4. have i told you i absolutely heart tw with shades of red? hmm… high chance i did and probably many times. 😉



check out my cute BB – blue barlett. a collector said it looks like a mini robot. a red one would add so much more  into the awesomeness! … but blue is nice too.


do you see a cute face on the key?


Flat rooy and cute barlett.


This tw has the popular hermes tag and it’s RED hot! I have to have her.


I have a similar 3 bank corona but I fell in love with this one because of its gorgeous decal.

more about these babies and typecasts later.

i am excitedly waiting for my latest tw and cant wait to tell you and the world i finally found it after 1.5 years – it’s green and has a special typeface. would you like to guess? more details coming soon! *wink

update: it’s here!! 😀

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