i am just so happy and cant wait to tell you…


this typewriter has a £ and $ keys, not found in my black tippa s (cursive typeface). why?


here’s a sneak peek.


still grimy and dirty. just gotten it today and in need of a good wipe asap.

i’ve been disciplined in the last 2 months…bought only 3 typers including one that’s in my wish list. a roxy ROOY!! 🙂

there’s so much to blog –  a type-in in the park, a private type-in, mouldy typewriter cases, vintage typist tables, newly acquired typewriters, typecasts comparison….

cheers to a new 2013 and more chances for us to get typewriters at a steal!!

karen.  😉

3 responses to “surprise!!

  • T. Munk

    Nice score! I have an Empire Aristocrat (Hermes Baby clone) that also includes both a british pound symbol and the dollar sign – I would guess they were imported in countries where both currencies were used often. Singapore would be a good guess, although I think mine came from Canada.

    Good typewriter hunting in the new year! (:

  • Scott K

    How did I miss this machine! Lovely little typewriters, these are. I’m quite fond of my Tippa.

  • Lee Hao Yong

    Hello Karen, where would be a good place for me to hunt for working vintage typewriters in Singapore?

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