diy customisation

i found 2 more candidates suitable for a makeover – another olivetti lettera 35 and an olympia traveller de luxe.

this time i painted the olivetti, baby blue. see the earlier post where i painted one pink here. that one has a pica typeface and this, elite. this model is a good candidate for customisation because it is easy to take apart its ‘clam shell’ body.


this is a more challenging model, an olympia traveller de luxe before the makeover, in drabby office colour.


started late morning unscrewing all parts that could be unscrewed from the ‘outside’…


i took many photos along the way, so worried i cannot remember which screw belonged to which part. some, i taped to the parts. 🙂


i took a few hours to unscrew and clean the typewriter. it was not a good idea to do it on the floor. a lot of bending forward  and i ended up with a painful back. Ouch, ouch !

took a break afterwards to straighten up my ‘vintage’ back bone and ‘smell’ some orchids and fern to re-charge for the next important part of project – spray painting.


Here she is, transformed from late morning till late evening!





Painted the case, inside too.


i would love to hear and see your diy customised tappy. please fill in the link to your website or pics under comment, or email me at for sharing in the coming blog post. 🙂

cant wait to blog about this gorgeous tappy next, a sneak peak 🙂

till then, have a great weekend and thank you for dropping by!

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