happiness turned sadness

I received 3 typewriters parcels today and all three suffered some sort of damages. Sigh…

Do you have similar experiences with buying typewriters from overseas?




Let’s move on to happy stuff! Did a mini makeover to my pretty tippa. Can you spot the new color? =)



9 responses to “happiness turned sadness

  • Anna

    I’ve only ordered one typer from overseas, and she’s two and a half weeks overdue… šŸ˜¦ I hope she does arrive, and intact. But at this late date, I don;t know.

    • karen

      better late, safe and sound. do you have the tracking nos? i had the same problem not too long ago. it turned out the postman delivered the notice to another address. all is good now. hope you will receive yours soon, keeping fingers and toes crossed!

  • Mark

    My Tippa broke the same way (the screw in the body panels) and it wasn’t shipped. They are just very brittle plastic.

  • Scott kernaghan


    Oh dear. At this point, I have not had a major problem with a typer from overseas (short of the split platen).

  • kennethknot

    I have only received one machine from overseas, Germany, and when the box got here it was DESTROYED. Ripping at the seams and completely crushed, to be nice about it.
    The typewriter, a Torpedo 20, had come loose in the case, and was rattling all around. Luckily, it had NO damage. I have since ordered two more typewriters from the same person, and hope they will arrive just as intact. I notified him of how messed up the box was, so hopefully he will do his best to protect it.

    Nevertheless, a nice looking machine and a great typeface. Good find, and sorry to hear about all of the overseas issues.

    • karen

      i’ll say that torpedo is a tuff guy. i had all sorts of damages due to mishandling and bad packing, sometimes both! even if it is carefully packed, there will still be some risk. just gotta keep fingers and toes crossed and wait… oh insurance is a must!

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