i have one too!



isnt this case gorgeous? nat, my first pleasant surprise, and i hope many more to come! 🙂


this typewriter was bought in 1967, i wasnt even born yet ! oh well, i am slighly younger only! >.<

20120926-220903.jpgminty green keys.


inside view of case.


here she is – my hermes with script typeface.


this came to me from denmark – it originated from sydney and now, after >40 years, it’s back to this part of the globe again, singapore! amazing!


12 responses to “i have one too!

  • Scott K

    That’s an interesting variation on the Deluxe case. I have a H3K that also has a nicely stitched deluse case, but the upper stretch of leather is white.

    Hang on…… This Sydney location looks familiar. I think I have a machine that also has a sticker from the same company.

  • Scott K

    …… and how have I not seen this blog before?

  • kennethknot

    A very nice Hermes! The script is great! That is really neat that it has a service sticker and the receipt. Finding history with a typewriter is always nice.

    Also, that is strange that the post would charge more for colored letters. I can understand their reasoning, I guess, but I have never even heard of this being a problem. Strange…

    • karen

      hello ken, thank you. yup, always looking for that little trail of story behind the tappy.
      the post office says it’s the same postage if it’s overseas but i suspect they too will take a longer time to reach addressee, and need manual sorting. what can i say i love cute printed envelopes. now, i just put them into a bigger white envelope! haha.

  • natslaptaps

    Hey congrats! 😀
    Hee heeeee

  • Scott kernaghan

    The company is no longer there… No.

    And I just checked the label on my Hermes 3000, and it is indeed from the same seller. Although the sticker on mine is quite different.

  • Angela


    I’ve been thinking of buying a typewriter for my BF as this year’s Christmas present! I never knew typewriter come in cursive! How much did this Hermes cost? Where can I get typewriters in Singapore? 🙂

    Can I ask you some things regarding typewriters over email? 🙂 I would mean a lot to me! Thank you!

    Angela Giselle

    • karen

      hi angela. thank you for visiting. cursive typewriters are hard to find locally and comes with a premium price tag. my email is karen_hoh@Yahoo.com. i am not a typewriter expert but i will try to answer your questions or refer you to some awesome websites for reference. cheers,karen

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