that is THE one!

in between olivetti dora ….fast forward 3 months…

i cant contain my excitement! a collector shared that you know you want that typewriter when your heart skipped a beat. well, my heart skipped a beat many times but for this corona silent, it probably skipped 2 more times. i love my latest addition to my tappies family!

she came to me in the most carefully and neatly, very, very neatly bubble wrapped, arrived safe and sound exactly the way it left the seller. there will be no damaged typewriters if all sellers just spend a little more time packing it.

this just screamed my name.. maroon, curvy, gorgeous keys and look at that carriage return lever .. (i am grinning widely) 🙂

this baby serial no is 2S 71212, which means it was made sometime around 1939 according to the typewriter database –

read more about this beauty from the experts –

oz. Typewriter

above photo taken from oz.Typewriters.


I am not one that is particular about the case. it’s a bonus when it is mint, well almost! Yay!




the above photos were taken late night and bad lighting. they really didnt do justice to this gorgeous machine. take a look at richard polt’s here.

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